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Uthman ibn Affan Biography

Uthman bin Affan (around 574-656) are companions of the Prophet Muhammad SAW is the Rightly Guided Caliphs of the three. His full name was Uthman bin Affan Al-Amawi Al-Quarisyi, derived from the Umayyads. Born in the sixth year of the Elephant. About five years younger than the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

It is also called Abu Abdullah and gelarnya Dzunnurrain (which have two lights). Because digelari Dzunnuraian because the Prophet marry his daughter to Uthman two; Roqqoyah and Umm Kulthum. Umm Kulthum died, the Prophet said: "If we had a third daughter, would I nikahkan with you." From his marriage to Roqoyyah born son. But not until her son died when a large 6-year-old fourth Hijri.

Married eight women, four of them are Fakhosyah namely, the mother Banin, Ramlah and Nailah. From the marriage were born nine sons: Abdullah al-Akbar, Abdullah al-Ashgar, Amr, Umar, Kholid, al-Walid, Sa'id and Abdul Muluk. And eight daughters.

His mother's name was Arwa bint Rabiah bin Kuriz. He converted to Islam on the invitation of Abu Bakr, that is, after Islamic Ali bin Abi Talib and Zaid bin Haristah. He is one great and main satusahabat Prophet Muhammad, and including also the as-Sabiqun al-Awwalin, namely those who were before Islam and believe.

Uthman was a rich merchant, but benefactors. He was a wealthy cloth merchant, this wealth he spent to get the pleasure of God, that is for the development of Islamic people and height. He has a wealth of cattle more than many other Arabs.
When the infidels doing torture Quarisy Muslims, then Uthman bin Affan ordered to migrate to Abyssinia (Abyssinia, Ethiopia). Follow also with his friend Abu Khudzaifah, Zubir bin Awwam, Abdurahman ibn Auf, and others. Then came the order for him to the Prophet migrated to Medina. But no longer think he leave wealth, commerce and domestic efforts to meet the call of God and His Messenger. He AH along with many other Muhajirin.

In the event Hudaibiyah, Uthman sent by Abu Sofyan Rasullah to meet in Mecca. Uthman ordered the Prophet to be stressed that the delegation from Medina would only worship at the Kaaba, and immediately returned to Medina, not to fight the people of Mecca.

The atmosphere could not kenjung tense when Uthman returned. Muslims making a pledge Rizwan up - ready to die together to save Uthman. But the bloodshed does not end there. Abu Sufyan then sent Suhail bin 'Amir Muhammad to negotiate denganNabi. Results negotiations known as Hudaibiyah Agreement.

When the Prophet was alive, Uthman was believed by the Prophet to be the mayor of Medina, during the times the department. First in war Dzatir Riqa and the second time, when the Prophet was at war Ghatfahan.
Uthman Ibn Affan was a famous economist, but his social life high. He did not withhold issuing kekayaanya Religion and Society in the interest of the public.

For example:

1. Uthman bin Affan buy wells with crystal clear water from a Jew worth 200,000 dirhams, which is approximately equal to two and a half pounds of gold at that time. The pit to the people he wakafkan public.
2. Expanding the Mosque of Medina and buy the land around it.
3. He donated 1000 camels and 70 horses, plus a 1000 dirham personal contribution to the battle of Tabuk, a value equal to one third the cost of the expedition.
4. In the reign of Abu Bakr, Uthman also provide for the transportation of wheat and 1000 camels to help the poor who suffer in the dry season.



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